Thursday, May 5, 2011

Why didn't I think of that ?


The story of me asking my bridesmaids to be bridesmaids is very anti-climactic. Darren proposed the day before I went home to Edmonton for Christmas (he had to come home a couple days later than me because of a new job). We always knew that we were going to be having a very small wedding. That was the one thing that we had discussed ahead of time and because of this we didn't even know if the wedding would be big enough to need a bridal party. We were home for 2 weeks and kept saying "We will start thinking about the wedding when we get back to Vancouver". That quickly changed when Darren, myself and my family went on a ski trip to Banff right after Christmas. Banff was on the top of the list of where we would want to get married. My parents saying "we are here, you might as well look at venues" got us into wedding mode fast (or at least got me into wedding mode, Darren is the most relaxed person of all time). Long story short, we decided that we would have very small wedding parties. I decided that I NEEDED to ask my girls in person. I might not be back in Edmonton again till the summer!

First was my sister Jill. That was easy:

Me: " Hey Jill. Want to be a bridesmaid?"

Jill: "Ok! That would be fun."


Next was Brittany. I wanted her to be my Maid of Honor. She was on a different ski trip with some friends for new years and would get back into town a day or so before I was to head back to Vancouver. I decided I would wait till she got back, and I would tell ask her while we were saying our goodbyes. In my head it was so nice and special. I kept sending Brittany subtle hints like "hey, coming back soon?", "how is your ski trip? Hope you come home soon". The snow was amazing and the weather was great, so they decided to stay longer. The day they were going to drive back (the same night I would fly to Vancouver), Brittany texts me saying that her friend broke his wrist and she can't leave. I send her this text:

That sucks! Hope your friend feels better. I guess I won't see you again, so want to be my Maid of Honor?

My friend Katharine was next on the list (and the last girl). I just assumed that I would see her again before I headed back to Vancouver, but our schedules just didn't work out. A couple hours before I left to the airport, I called her and texted and got no response which meant that she must be working! I quickly headed to her work to see if she was there. I must have looked flustered because when I asked one of her co-workers "is Katharine here?!" she said "No, is it an emergency". Well no, no it's not. I decided to be really classy and write Katharine a will you be my bridesmaid Facebook message. Little did I know, Katharine rarely checks her Facebook, so days later I had to send her an embarrassing text that read "Hey Katharine, check your Facebook".

That is the story of me asking my bridesmaids to be bridesmaids. I love them all so much and we are going to have so much fun together on November 12th.

I did redeem myself a bit with Brittany when I got her this 99 cent flute at goodwill.

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