Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Change Purses Are Here!

I have some new bags that I made these past couple days. Two of them being NEW designs. I have crafted a little change purse by request from a friend. They are very cute and easy to stick in a small purse. I have decided to work with some bright coloured leather for these ones. Let me know what you think! I just added them to my Etsy shop

This is the Mini Rectangle Bag in a Cream and Brown lambskin. The inside is a Meadow Green. This Green is spectacular..if you like Green you will LOVE this colour. I only have a little bit of it left...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I love this time of year in Vancouver. It has not started raining too much yet and the leaves are all changing. The weather is perfect for my favorite pieces-hats, scarfs, wool coats, boots and lots of layering. Dace is one of my favorite local designers and whenever I see her new collections I always feel like she is designing for me specifically (or at least for a Vancouver girl). Her raincoats are amazing and classic. I interned for Dace when I first graduated from design school and it was such an amazing experience seeing how such a small group of women can create such a successful business. Check out her site at