Saturday, May 28, 2011

100th Post!

This will be my 100th post.  So I thought I would share some really beautiful things.  First up is this amazing new coat that I just found.  The color is stunning and the leather is extra soft.  I can't wait to cut this one out.

I was in Seattle last weekend with some girls and found my wedding shoes. It was something I really wanted to cross off the list. I am just noticing now that they are very similar to the color of the coat...I think I am drawn to sea foam type colors in the summer.

Next thing I wanted to share is a beautiful and thoughtful gift from my friend Brittany. She was visiting me in Vancouver back in February. I had mentioned to her while we were flee market shopping that I was looking for an antique ring box for my engagement/wedding rings. When I met up with her in Seattle last weekend she presented me with this. What an amazing friend!

I have some really fun pictures from Seattle that I will be posting soon. Happy long weekend to all my American readers!!

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