Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Break From Bags

I have been sewing customers bags this week and sending them off..but I have also been sewing some new bags for my shop . The colours I am using are more fall - reds, deep yellows maybe even some oranges. I am usually a big blue/green girl so it takes conscious effort for me not to sew everything in cool colours! I am hoping to have the new pics up sometime this week. I just thought I would share some other items on Etsy that I am loving. My sister is having a baby in the winter and I put together a little gift bag for her a month ago. Two of the items were from Etsy.

These booties are from Handmadebabylove. They are so adorable and perfect for the cold winter the new baby will have to endure (my sister lives in Edmonton, Alberta).

This is an item from littlealouette. It is a husband and wife duo who makes these beautiful wooden toys. The one I got specifically is for teething and in the shape of a giraffe. Check them out at

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