Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just The Beginning...

I graduated from fashion design post-secondary school almost two years ago.  Since then I have interned and worked with several great designers.  Learning new skills from a variety of different people can be inspiring, but also confusing.  I found that when I was in school I felt very sure of what role I wanted in the fashion world, but after graduation I realized there was an endless amount of potential careers.  Long story short - I have a job I love which utilizes many of the skills I have learned - except sewing.  I often make coats for friends, or other clothes for myself to keep up with my sewing ability.  Recently I started sewing with leather and silk.  I have always loved mixing fabrics and concepts; rough with soft, masculine with feminine, neutrals with extreme brights.  That is where the idea of Satchel began.  I gathered some fantastically bright, feminine, fun silks along with neutral leathers that truly feel like butter.  Here are some pictures of the beginning stages.    

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