Thursday, August 11, 2011


I have been a bit behind on my blogging lately due to the fact that Darren and I took a trip to Banff/Edmonton for a week to relax and get a bunch of wedding planning done. It was the most amazing trip and so many exciting and fun things happened. I will be posting more on some of the highlights later (umm bridal shower?) but for now I just want to share some beautiful photos that Darren captured in one of our favorite places; Banff.  It was a bit of a drive, but we just listened to some great driving tunes and had lots of laughs.  We spent my birthday and our 7 year anniversary there for the first two days of the trip!

Drive up to the Juniper parking lot and we see a big black bear (with her 3 cubs that are not pictured)

The Juniper- future wedding destination

View from our hotel room

Relaxing after a 12 hour drive

Gus is sick of sleeping in the car...time to play

The cloudy sky

My favorite photo that Darren snapped. We are blowing this one up for our wall.

The Juniper bar..where our wedding reception will flourish

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