Sunday, June 26, 2011

AG Photography

Darren and I chose our wedding photographer right after we got engaged. It was a very important decision for us, and I think it was probably the thing that Darren cared about the most in the planning process.

Amanda Gallant of AG Photography caught our eye pretty early on, and we snapped her up right away. We really love her work and we are so excited to have her capture our day. You can check out her blog here.

I was on her website a while back and I noticed some beautiful pictures she took. It was a series called "On the Bus". These photos made me feel very nostalgic. Growing up in Alberta and having a family who loves to ski, we often took winter drives through the prairies to the mountains. There is something so magical and dreamy about a still, snowy landscape. These pictures sum up that feeling perfectly and is one of the reasons Darren and I wanted to have a winter wedding in Banff. Another thing-I am a huge sucker for negative space.

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